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The Awesome PT Is Back And Under New Management

Back and better (?) than ever!!!

This blog space is under new management. Fully committed to satire, memes, and fun stuff. Leaving up all the old stuff as is, no changes. Links and all that may not work anymore, sorry (not really).

More fun – less dooshbag. Don’t come in here all serious and angry. If you like to make fun of other people but can’t laugh at yourself, go somewhere else to troll around.

Connect at @TheAwesome_PT via Twitter.

If you have some info that would be great for this blog… would like to do an interview… have some cool memes to add to the collection… tips and/or suggestions… hit up the Twitter account. You can also use the contact form on the “About” page… but there are no guarantees that anyone will read it or get back to you.


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I Need Your Feedback

Doing a little research for the website. What things do you like? What things do you hate? What would you like to see more of?

So, if you don’t mind, would you take this quick survey? Should take a couple of minutes. Thanks, really appreciate you stopping by. We’re gearing up for the next round here in a little bit.

The link below will take you to the survey, or you can copy and paste it in your browser.

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New Contest!

Do you have a great business idea? Need a little publicity for your new website/blog/social media page?

From now until Valentine’s Day submit your proposal. What can you do for me so that we can mutually benefit? Winner(s) will get a spotlight on this site as well as publicity on Facebook and Twitter.

Many of you have great ideas and services to offer. Let’s hear them! Post them in the comments below. Ready? Go!


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New Name, Same Blog

If you were looking for “The Cynical Physical Therapist” and came across this site, you’re in the right place. I changed the name of the blog, Twitter name, and Facebook page for a couple of reasons. The most important is that the original blog was just a place to goof off and have fun. While I still intend to do that, I plan on expanding this blog into something even bigger than that. I still am committed to doing interviews with all kinds of people in the therapy world, but I am not going to stop there. I still will be producing (hopefully!) hilarious memes that poke fun at all sorts of things in the therapy world. Lastly, I still am committed to covering controversial topics in physical/physiotherapy.

This will still be a lighthearted site in many ways, but it will also dig a little deeper than before. Thanks for stopping by. I’m always up for suggestions/feedback/memes and you can reach me at @TheAwesome_PT via Twitter.

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