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Area Physical Therapist “Sick And Tired” Of Being Asked For Massages

angry face

Jim always hated going home for the holidays, but now that he’s a physical therapist things are much worse. Uncles, aunts, and every damn cousin ever is asking for a massage. Jim is sick of it. And he wants you all to go to hell. He doesn’t ask his accountant uncle to balance his checkbook, and he isn’t going to touch your dirty ass feet. So don’t ask.


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Local Woman Shocked Back Surgery Didn’t Solve All Her Problems

Are you getting ready to have back surgery? Have you tried physical therapy yet? If not, what in the bloody hell are you thinking? You’ll sign up for a $100,000 spinal surgery, with no guarantees for long term pain relief, without seeing if maybe – MAYBE – you can avoid the surgery in the process? Would you tear down your house and build a new one if you needed a little work on the floors?

If that’s how you (pun alert!) operate, than I have some land in Florida to sell you.

I had to include this image because for some reason it made me laugh so hard I cried. Tears of awesomeness, of course.

what the hell?

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Crazy Things In PT: Stupid Exercises

Welcome to our series on “Crazy Things In PT.” You can find other posts in the series via these links – Outdated InterventionsPostural Restoration, Crazy Manual Therapy. Before we begin, here’s a little note from the management:

These articles are intended to show some of the things currently done by physical therapists around the US and around the globe. There are many very well meaning PTs out there and we are not in this to shame or accuse specific people of evil motives, only to expose specific theories and/or interventions in physical therapy. We acknowledge that patients do get improvement with some of these techniques, but strong claims call for strong evidence to back it up. Remember, some people do get better after taking a sugar pill.
Individuals will be used as examples from their own videos or published articles, but in every case we will use as much of their own material as possible so they can speak for themselves. Oh, and this is not an educational/research site, so if you have a problem with satire you should just move on.

Oh boy. The sacred cow of physical therapy…exercise. Truth is, some exercises are just stupid. And for this post we’ll be focusing on stupid exercises, corrective exercises, and things that loosely fall under the term “exercise.”

The Shoulder

Let’s get something out of the way right now, is there anything more stupid than the “empty can” exercise? First off, it’s unnatural. Second, for many people it’s painful. Third, it’s stupid.
Empty can ex
If someone has pain with a combination of shoulder internal rotation and elevation, maybe you shouldn’t have them do it as a strengthening exercise! Think, just a little. Continue reading


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Contract Between PT and Patient

Do you have clients that seem determined to be their own worst enemy? I posted this on Facebook and it’s obvious that my experience isn’t rare.

With that in mind, here’s a handy contract that you can print out and have your “difficult” patients sign. Perhaps it will help get the message across. One can only hope.

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Physical Therapy Fun 8

It has been awhile since I did a post like this. Many memes have been added to the meme gallery, but I thought it would be a good idea to put the newest ones together here. *Note: Just ribbing you ATCs, you know I love you!




regular checkups

PRI balloons

Postural restoration research


facial myofascial release

modalities people

hospital runaway

break up scar tissue

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