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The Awesome PT Is Back And Under New Management

Back and better (?) than ever!!!

This blog space is under new management. Fully committed to satire, memes, and fun stuff. Leaving up all the old stuff as is, no changes. Links and all that may not work anymore, sorry (not really).

More fun – less dooshbag. Don’t come in here all serious and angry. If you like to make fun of other people but can’t laugh at yourself, go somewhere else to troll around.

Connect at @TheAwesome_PT via Twitter.

If you have some info that would be great for this blog… would like to do an interview… have some cool memes to add to the collection… tips and/or suggestions… hit up the Twitter account. You can also use the contact form on the “About” page… but there are no guarantees that anyone will read it or get back to you.


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Physical Therapy Fun 12

Because these memes were burning a hole in my pocket and were worth crawling out of the cave for.


May or may not be what I look like


He probably uses that finger for it too


Does anyone really know what “movement system” means?


Sorry not sorry to all the homeopaths out there


Actually, you can’t. But you can rip a lot of people off and likely commit insurance fraud in doing so.


Come on, who has done it? Can’t be just me.


Had to go there


The battle over technical definitions of words and missing the point entirely.


Is this still a thing? Please tell me the fad is over.


The struggle is real

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Local Woman Dedicated To Not Doing Her HEP

Artist portrait of Sally

Artist portrait of Sally

Sally Jacobson is a 59 year old administrative assistant with knee pain since that late 1980’s. She says that she tuned to physical therapy because the local orthopedic surgeon said that he “wouldn’t do a total knee replacement on a person with no willingness to get better.” Thankfully, this surgeon recommended therapy and told her that the physical therapist would use ultrasound to “cure her knee pain.” Or at least that’s what she remembers him saying.

Tara, the physical therapist who drew the short straw states, “While I can’t comment on any of my clients for privacy reasons, some people are determined to be their own worst enemy.” Tara reports that many clients come to ACME thinking that they shouldn’t have to do any exercises. She states that these people are “the worst clients ever.”

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Nickelback Fan With Back Pain Has Issues Bigger Than Pain


Steven Jacobs, a local car mechanic, says that his back pain has been a “source of irritation” in his life. He says he can’t think of exactly when it started, but his ex-girlfriend has other ideas. “Steve used to be a fun, laid back guy. But then he started listening to Nickelback and got all dooshy.” She stated, “He started wearing designer jeans with sparkles and would pop his collar like some sleezy salesman. Now he’s just a pain in the ass, maybe that’s why his back hurts.”

Steven’s physical therapist was asked for comment, only to say that privacy law prevents him from discussing his clients, but did state, “Some people have bigger problems than their back pain.”

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Area Physical Therapist “Sick And Tired” Of Being Asked For Massages

angry face

Jim always hated going home for the holidays, but now that he’s a physical therapist things are much worse. Uncles, aunts, and every damn cousin ever is asking for a massage. Jim is sick of it. And he wants you all to go to hell. He doesn’t ask his accountant uncle to balance his checkbook, and he isn’t going to touch your dirty ass feet. So don’t ask.

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