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2016 Sexy PT Awards

Welcome to the highlight of the new year, the 2016 Sexy PT Awards. For those of you who would like a quick refresher of previous winners, click here for 2015 and here for 2014.

First, a little introduction to the criteria used and the selection process: Sexy means many things to many people. For these awards, sexiness is defined as being a leader, rockstar, intelligent, respected, adding to the community…and being smoking hot is a bonus. Previous overall winners are forever retired to the SexyPT Hall of Fame.

SexyPT Male: Justin Dunaway @DrDunawayDPT. Sure. Justin might look like a 14 year old boy with dirt on his face. I’m not going to hold that against him…too much. The dude is spending gobs of his own money to help the people of Haiti. If you haven’t checked out the STAND Haiti Project, do it now. Really. Way to actually give back to those in need. Something too many PTs don’t do. In fact, most of the big shots on social media don’t do it.

SexyPT Female: Sharon Dunn @DunnSdunn2. Why Sharon? She’s a leader, and not the type that screams “look at me” all the time. We have enough of those kind of “leaders.” Plus, with her I feel like there’s maybe more hope for the profession. Someone who’s willing to listen.

SexyPTA: Sean Bagbey @sean_bageby. Sean is a strong advocate for PTAs. Even though they are terrible for the profession and we need to kick them out of the APTA…right Larry Benz and John Childs???

SexyPT student Female: Rachel Jermann @RJGotAGoni. Best Twitter handle ever. Great sense of humor, smart, what else is could you ask for? A little too in love with the APTA…but I won’t hold that against her.

SexyPT student Male: Ryan Michael Smith @RyanSmith_ATC. First off, drop the ATC crap. The only people who are ATC’s are ones who aren’t smart enough to get into PT school. Okay people, settle down, that was a joke. Ryan makes the list because he’s the type that can take criticism without losing his freaking mind. That’s actually a rare trait. Good work. Now stay away from that crazy Postural Restoration crap.

Random Categories

International SexyPT: Adam Meakins @AdamMeakins. Does he say stupid shit sometimes just to be provocative? Is he unnecessarily harsh and rude at times? Is he cut from the same piece of cloth as me? A resounding yes to all of these. Plus, by giving him this award I’m planning on him sharing this on social media so I can gain a bigger following. Does that make me a sellout? I don’t give a shit.

All-I-Do-Is-Plug-My-Own-Shit SexyPT: Ben Fung @DrBenFung. Ben, I’m not going to let you forget that really stupid time when you promoted new grads going self employed right out of school. It did spawn a nice satire post though.

Pain Science SexyPT: Bronnie Thompson @adiemusfree. Bronnie is different than the typical “skeptical PT” crowd that gripes and takes shots at everyone who disagrees with them. You should check out her stuff, it’s different and refreshing.

Podcasting SexyPT: Jimmy “PT Pintcast” McKay @PTPintcast. I’ll be honest, most podcasts are people trying to sell their shit or doing the same crap over and over. Jimmy does good work.

Academic SexyPT: Todd “GrungePT” Davenport @sunsopeningband. Todd shows us that even though academics are boring as hell and detached from reality, there are a few that can kick some ass.

Sure-To-Have-A-Twitter-Meltdown SexyPT: James Dunning @DrDunning. James has this interesting habit of just losing his shit at times on Twitter. Granted, people get pretty personal at times with attacking the Osteopractor name thing. Just roll with it man.

Congrats to this year’s winners. For those of you who didn’t win, try harder. Maybe do some squats and lunges too.


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2015 Sexy PT Awards

Happy New Year! 2014 was a great year in the history of physical/physiotherapy. Probably the greatest of the year was the start of the annual “SexyPT” awards. If you missed the 2014 edition, click here.

First, a little introduction to the criteria used and the selection process: Sexy means many things to many people. For these awards, sexiness is defined as being a leader, rockstar, intelligent, respected, adding to the community…and being smoking hot is a bonus. Previous overall winners are forever retired to the SexyPT Hall of Fame. I use a secret committee for nomination purposes, so if you disagree with who wins you can just SHUT YOUR YAPPER!

Categories have been added for the 2015 awards to recognize the great achievements made in the many different branches of our great profession.

The overall winners are…
SexyPT Male: Neil O’Connell @NeilOConnell
SexyPT Female: Monique Caruth @mjcDPT
SexyPTA: Mike Fritz @fritdog23
SexyPT Student – Female: Lauren Kealy @laurenrSPT
SexyPT Student – Male: Zach Duhamel @zduhammy

Now for the divisional categories…
International SexyPT: Paul Lagerman @NakedPhysio
Ortho SexyPT: Lenny Macrina @LenMacPT
Acute care SexyPT: Kyle Ridgeway @Dr_Ridge_DPT
Pelvic health SexyPT: Sarah Haag @SarahHaagPT
Miscellaneous PT (for great info, links, etc…): Erson Religioso @The_OMPT

Congratulations to this year’s winners. Those of you who fell short, try and bring your A game for next year…Or send me booze as a bribe! All jokes aside, I’m really excited about this group and what they are capable of achieving in this coming year.

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What I’m Thankful For

***This is a post from the original CynicalPT site. No words were changed so you’ll notice references made to the old name.***

Cause all that mushy crap about being thankful for friends, family, blah, blah, blah this time of year really chaps my ass, here’s a CynicalPT “thankful” list.

1) Chiropractors. Especially the ones who feed their clients BS about subluxed this and that, and tell them to come back 3x week for 28 years.
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2014 Sexy PT Awards

Welcome to the 2014 Sexy PT awards. This esteemed award started as a bit of a running joke on Twitter, but has grown into a very serious and prestigious award. In the physical therapy world, you can be sexy in many ways. And since we therapists love to gauge things off of subjective criteria, why not decide who is Mr and Ms PT using a hard to define term like sexy?

For this award, it was left up to my hand selected panel on what definition to use. This brilliant panel took their task very seriously. There was a lot of bitching great give and take involved. If you didn’t win, there’s always next year. Ladies are always welcome to send me bikini pictures. Guys, keep that shit to yourself. That’s gross.

Now on to the winners. Mr Sexy PT of 2014 is Jerry “I’m to sexy” Durham. His sexiness is only surpassed by his ego. I have nothing good to say about Jerry because I’m bitter that I didn’t win.

Ms Sexy PT of 2014 is Ann Wendel. Here are some of the things that our judges had to say about Ann.
“Without a doubt one of the greatest female colleagues I’ve been fortunate to meet…a model through action. She walks, talks her brand”
“Seriously, Ann needs to be a spokesperson or something.”
“Perennial Goddess in the gym and the clinic.”
“She’s genuine…practices what she preaches…and as a result has a killer bod, a sharp brain, and is exceptionally social.”

We also had a DPT student award. Marky Kev of Twitter fame pulled off an amazing upset to win this year due to his short lifting shorts. Good job Mark. Now get some real shorts.

Congrats to all the winners. See you all again next year!


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