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Local Woman Dedicated To Not Doing Her HEP

Artist portrait of Sally

Artist portrait of Sally

Sally Jacobson is a 59 year old administrative assistant with knee pain since that late 1980’s. She says that she tuned to physical therapy because the local orthopedic surgeon said that he “wouldn’t do a total knee replacement on a person with no willingness to get better.” Thankfully, this surgeon recommended therapy and told her that the physical therapist would use ultrasound to “cure her knee pain.” Or at least that’s what she remembers him saying.

Tara, the physical therapist who drew the short straw states, “While I can’t comment on any of my clients for privacy reasons, some people are determined to be their own worst enemy.” Tara reports that many clients come to ACME thinking that they shouldn’t have to do any exercises. She states that these people are “the worst clients ever.”


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Contract Between PT and Patient

Do you have clients that seem determined to be their own worst enemy? I posted this on Facebook and it’s obvious that my experience isn’t rare.

With that in mind, here’s a handy contract that you can print out and have your “difficult” patients sign. Perhaps it will help get the message across. One can only hope.

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Physical Therapy Fun 8

It has been awhile since I did a post like this. Many memes have been added to the meme gallery, but I thought it would be a good idea to put the newest ones together here. *Note: Just ribbing you ATCs, you know I love you!




regular checkups

PRI balloons

Postural restoration research


facial myofascial release

modalities people

hospital runaway

break up scar tissue

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Crazy Things In PT: Outdated Interventions

Welcome to our series on “Crazy Things In PT.” You can find other posts in the series via these links – Postural Restoration, Stupid ExercisesCrazy Manual Therapy. Before we begin, here’s a little note from the management:

These articles are intended to show some of the things currently done by physical therapists around the US and around the globe. There are many very well meaning PTs out there and we are not in this to shame or accuse specific people of evil motives, only to expose specific theories and/or interventions in physical therapy. We acknowledge that patients do get improvement with some of these techniques, but strong claims call for strong evidence to back it up. Remember, some people do get better after taking a sugar pill.
Individuals will be used as examples from their own videos or published articles, but in every case we will use as much of their own material as possible so they can speak for themselves. Oh, and this is not an educational/research site, so if you have a problem with satire you should just move on.

I know what you’re thinking. “If they’re outdated, why the hell even talk about it?” There’s one main reason, and it is that there are a ton of PTs out there who decided that what they learned in PT school in the 1980’s and 90’s was enough, and that they never needed to learn anything new after that. Continue reading


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Interview With Kyle Ridgeway

***This post is from the original CynicalPT site. No words have been changed so you’ll see references to the old name.***

My next interviewee is Kyle Ridgeway. At first I thought he was a really smart guy, but then I found out he’s willing to associate with a certain Mr Durham. This is where I’m supposed to give an introduction, but I haven’t had any coffee yet, and he does a great job, so yeah.

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